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On YourCloudPBX you can store recorded calls for up to six months. This is great for training purposes or to recorded agreements made over the phone. You can also email each recording to your nominated call recording address. For privacy reasons we disable Call Recording by default.

All persons using this device for recording telephone conversations shall comply with the law. This requires that at least one party to the conversation is to be aware that it is being recorded. If the other party on the call has explicitly instructed that recording be disabled then no recording will be made for either party. In addition, the Principles enumerated in the Privacy Act shall be complied within respect to the nature of the personal information collected, the purpose for the call only.

Quick Guide

Step 1: Enabling Recording

  1. Log into YourCloudPBX > select number you wish to set up call recording on.
  2. Select CloudPBX > Advance > Call Recording
  3. Unselect Disable ALL call recording features on your number?

Step 2: Recording Options

  1. Select recording option – Record all of my calls / Only record call for selected numbers. If  you have chosen selected number, you will need to list the selected numbers you wish to record.
  2. Click Do NOT allow manual recording options during a call if you don’t want this option (it is set as a default once call recoding is unable)
  3. Select which direction to record calls – Record in both directions Record only Outbound Calls / Record only Inbound Calls

Step 3: Recording Records

  1. Click Send a copy of all recordings to my email. 
  2. Nominate an email address to send calls to – if different to the email in Personal Details.

Accessing Call Recordings by via the API

Programmatically accessing your Call Recordings via our API is a two step process.

  1. You will require the Call ID which is accessed via our billing API .
  2. Call Record itself its accessible via a http post to a secure folder on the YourCloudPBX site. To access this folder, you will require a static IP (which we whitelist) and password from YourCloudPBX.

For more information send an email to support or contact us via 1800 150 686.

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