Tuesday, 1 April 2015 10:25 11:15 EDST

State South Australia – Telstra inbound
Start Date & Time: Tuesday, 1 April 2015 10:15 EDST
End Date & Time: Tuesday, 1 April 2015 11:46 EDST
Event Description South Australia: Inbound calls to Telstra numbers with active diversions to SIPcity have been disrupted. All other calling, from Telstra and other networks are operational.
Event Description This outage has been escalated as a priority one outage. We have not as yet received an acknowledgement from Telstra’s NOC but will issue updates as we receive them.
Reason for Outage The service was impacted by a network incident within an up stream carriers Network attributed to a signalling fault on Adelaide signalling gateway. The network incident started on 1st of April, 2015 at approximately 10:29 Hrs AEDT. All services were restored by re-routing the signalling traffic via redundant path. The incident was resolved on 1st of April, 2015 at approximately 11:46 Hrs AEDT. If there are any outstanding issues, please contact us and we will investigate further. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.