Extension Dialing

Extension dialing works so that you can internally transfer calls to numbers within your account. They also can work if you set up Auto Attendant for when a customer calls your main number, and then know the extension number of the person they are wanting to reach. Example: "Welcome to Our Company if you

Features and Functionality for YourYourCloudPBX

All YourYourCloudPBX customers are licensed to use ALL these features (and more) regardless of which plan or bundle you select. Inbound Calls Simultaneous Ring / One number: Receive call to up to five phones all ring simultaneously, or by a variety of business rules. Call Forwarding or trunking: Setup

Simultaneous Ring

Use Simultaneous Ring to link your main number to your mobile or office assistant. Note: While SimRing provides a simple mechanism for linking to alternate numbers we recommend limiting its use for an individual number owner needing to link her main phone to one or two alternates, such as a mobile. For more sophisticated

Conference Calls

When keeping your team connected is important use the CloudPBX Conference Calls function. You can use your CloudPBX number to create your own personalised conference calls. This makes it easy be connected with staff and customers. Quick Guide Log into YourCloudPBX  > select the number you wish to set up Conference Calling

Registration, Peering and IAX2 explained

SIP Registration "Registration" is used to connect IP phones and some IP-PBX machines to our hosted cloud PBX using a UserName and Password to authenticate access. Required Settings UserName: [phone number] eg 61289808500 Password: account or line Proxy: call.sipcity.com.au Port: 5060 SIP Peering Enables a direct trusted network-to-network connection between your IP-PBX and our

Caller ID (CLI) and Call Privacy

By using YourCloudPBX you have the option to show, block or showcase your business main number when making outbound calls. Caller ID Privacy Options By using YourCloudPBX you have the option to show or block your caller ID (also called Calling Line Identification CLI) with your outbound calls. Quick Guide Set

Ports IPs and our Network

Settings Proxy  phone.yourcloudtelco.com.au TCP/TLS Proxy  tls.l2access.com.au (port 5061) SIP Peering SIP Registration (phone.yourcloudtelco.com.au) SIP Port - UDP 5060 SIP Port - TLS 5061 (ensure transport = TLS) DNS Primary DNS Secondary Firewall IP Range AS Number 63971 If using TLS verify whether your PBX or IP phone

Number porting – How to port my current number

YourCloudPBX supports number porting which means that you can bring your current number with you to use on the YourCloudPBX network. Porting charges apply to each port request that is submitted. To port a number please contract your provider. Port types: Simple Port: This refers to a single number and

Call Recording

On YourCloudPBX you can store recorded calls for up to six months. This is great for training purposes or to recorded agreements made over the phone. You can also email each recording to your nominated call recording address. For privacy reasons we disable Call Recording by default. The Principles enumerated

Call Flow Priority

Occasionally you'll configure a feature only to discover that another feature on the account has over-ridden your preferred feature. For example, you can't set Call Rejection and Call Forward on the same line, as the Call Rejection has a higher priority than the lower call forwarding. Call Rejection (block anonymous callers