Migrating your phones from Live to CloudPBX

We're retiring our trusty SIPcity Live portal replacing her with CloudPBX. To connect your phones to our new CloudPBX portal you will need to swap your phones (proxy addresses) from the legacy plus.sipcity.com.au to our new proxy at call.sipcity.com.au. (..more info). Content Polycom Yealink Cisco SPA 1. Migrating a Polycom handset 1.1 Handset Web UI Select

YourCloudPBX numbers settings and passwords

Use Line Number select to manage individual numbers on your account including: Restrict lines and set passwords Set Caller IDs, Create extension numbers Set individual Peering addresses Restricting a Line Restricting a line enables an individual user to login and manage their own line without having to grant that user access to the

Monday, 18th April 2016, 10:42am, AEDT

State National Start Date & Time: Monday 18 April 2016, 10:40 AEDT End Date & Time: Monday 18 April 2016, 10:42 AEDT Event Description At 10:40am a component in our fax-mail server stopped responding. While our monitoring systems detected and resolved the failure, faxes in queue during the outage may have been sent to

Yealink – Diagnostics

To assist us troubleshoot configuration issues with Yealink phones we may request you to provide a System Log, SIP trace and configuration data from your handset. Quick Guide Step 1: Browse to Phones Web UI Phones web UI: to access the phones web UI press the OK button (on right of the keypad) to retrieve the phones


While we don't support the SNOM handsets on our device provisioning they are an easy handset to configure via the handsets web UI. Quick Guide Web UI: To retrieve the IP address Menu button on right side of the phone IP Address: 4. Network | 1. IP Setting | "Are you using DHCP" >>

Gigaset Cordless

This KB is limited to thew Gigaset family of cordless (DECT) handsets. Configuring the phone via the Web configurator We recommend using the base stations web user interface to configure each handset. Establish the telephone's current IP address on the handset Control button on right side of handset Settings (spanner icon) Registration Enter http:// and

Ghost Calls

SIPvicious was created as an inventory tool for IT Admins to manage SIP devices evolving to a scammer tool used to probe for PBX vulnerabilities. Thankfully SIPvicious and its annoying ghost calls are easily dealt with the strategies listed here. Calls from phone numbers like "100" or "1000" with silence at pickup are the result of probes against

Forgot password

You will require your account number and together with the account email address to access the forgot password. Quick Guide: Forgot password Use "forgot password" if you can't remember your password: Goto your YourCloudPBX address (eg https://cloudpbx.sipcity.com.au) Select "Forgot password"  hyperlink Supply Account Code | Email address Our password infrastructure does not support passwords with

Naked Numbers

NB - Naked Numbers vs SIP Peering: A Naked registered line should not be confused with SIP Peering / trunking which establishes a direct trusted IP to IP connection. The "Naked Number" plan is used by customers that don't require the full feature set of our hosted voice application and is therefore restricted to the calling preferences below.

Device Provisioning

If you are supplying your own Polycom VVX handsets as a first step you will need to apply our provisioning URI onto the phone. Yealink's 'zero touch' on the other hand removes the need unpack the handsets prior to provisioning. This knowledge base article describes using our Device Provisioning application for the following manufacturers: Polycom