Adding Credit

Adding credit to your account is easy. You can save your credit card information with in the CloudPBX, to make making a payment even easier. Quick Guide Log into YourCloudPBX. Select Account > Manage billing Click Add credit Add credit card details or select a saved card in the pop up. Click

Cisco SPA – Configuring your phone

While Cisco Australia no longer support remote Device Provisioning for the SPA family manual configuration of the SPA's via their web UI is straight forward. Quick Guide to Cisco SPA Typical of any Cisco product there are a lot of moving pieces to the SPA family of phones, but the good news is once you've accessed the

TCP, TLS and Secure RTP Options

We support both TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) communication protocols. While UDP is by far the most common of the two protocols TCP is stated to have advantages. TCP advantages Keep Alives: SIP must periodically send out keep-alives to maintain the NAT table entry. The required frequency of keep-alives

Caller Name Display

Using caller name display you can present your user name when you dial another person. This is particular handy when dialing other extensions in your organisation. NOTE: You should restart or reset your phone after making any changes on this page. Quick Guide Log into YourCloudPBX. From the horizontal menu

Shared Line

 An example of the business problem shared line resolves is where a staff member needs to manage her own calls between a number of different phones, say a office phone, a softphone client and perhaps a home desk phone. Shared Line links up to five additional devices to the Shared line primary number.