VoIP Number Formats | Dial Plan Format

For VoIP number formats calls in local, national and mobile cases we use 10 digit dialing (xx xxxx xxxx), with international calls prefixed with 0011+ [CountryCode] and finally special numbers such as 13/1300, 1800 presented in local dialing format (see examples below). Local / National / Mob: 0289707500 / 0450301520

Remote Call Back

When you are out of the office and want to make a call to someone who's number is within your account, simply call the YourCloudPBX number from any phone. When you hear ringing, hang up and you will be called back - so you can make a call from your

Call Queuing

How about using an Auto Attendant to play your greeting, redirect to a Call Queue below on a single number. Quick Guide Log into YourCloudPBX > select the number you want to use Call Queuing with. Select Cloud PBX > Inbound Calls > Call Queuing Click Call Queuing to Enabled. Select agents to be connected to call.

Configuring International DIDs

If you have purchased a NZ, US or UK DID through your Service Provider you can use Call Forwarding to redirect to an Australian DID or alternately register the DID to make outgoing calls through the overseas DID. Quick Guide Configuring an International DID To redirect an international number to an Australian number

Glossary of Local Number Porting Terms

Here's a few of the commonly used local number porting (LNP) terms that it would pay to get your head around as you start with number porting. Porting terms: Donor The Carrier or Carriage Service Provider to which a Telephone Number has been allocated or transferred under the Numbering Plan

Set Up Your Time Schedules

Most organisations shape the way they handle incoming calls to match their hours of operations. In YourCloudPBX you can define time schedules for; Simultaneous Ring, Call Forwarding and Queuing by customising one the following time schedule types: Work hours Available Hours User Defined Hours Quick Guide Log into YourCloudPBX. Select

Auto Attendant to a Call Queue

Solution Summary The solution links the main office number to an Auto Attendant which links to a Call Queue following completion of the Auto Attendant greeting. Auto Attendant: In this solution example the Auto Attendant has no other forwarding numbers (eg dial 1 for sales, 2. for support etc) Forward: In this example once the

PIN Code for Restricting Calls

Most organisations have some rules about who can made calls to where. It may be that your warehouse team can only make local and national calls and your accounts team can call local, national and international calls. Quick Guide: Log into YourCloudPBX > select the number you want to Restrict Outbound Calls.

Use Hunt Groups for Managing Inbound Calls

 YourCloudPBX provides all users with a free and simple linear hunt group service. The service allows you to distribute phone calls from a single telephone number to a group of up to 10 phone lines. You can decide if you want the hunt group to be enabled at all times