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Call park is a feature of that allows a person to put a call on hold to a ‘parking bay’ continuing the conversation from any other telephone within the company or specified groups within your company (eg sales, finance etc). Our parking supports ‘dynamic’ parking where we assign calls to the next available slot, or alternately ‘directed’ park where the first caller can statically assign the call to a static parking bay.

Quick Guide

  1. Log into YourCloud customer portal | YourCloudPBX
  2. Choose DID by selecting the hyperlink
  3. Advanced | Call Parking >> Enable
  4. Parking Extensions: By default our function will take the next available BAY in the garage. If for example your first BAY 700 has a parked call, then Call Parking automatically takes BAY 701.
  5. Additional bays: You can determine the number of slots following the First extension (eg setting to10 slots provides 700-709)
  6. Park times: Number of seconds a call can be held in park
  7. Parking Return: Send the call to the original extension or set Call Forward.
  8. Set SAVE setting

Parking and Retreiving

  1. To park: select TRANSFER *07. (NB – the Parking Attendant will confirm your parking slot)
  2. Inband Transfers: If your phone does not have an attended transfer button, use the # – eg *07#.
  3. Directed Park: The car parker can optionally specify their preferred bay – eg TRANSFER *750
  4. Retrieval: To retrieve the call from the bay dial *1 followed by the bay number eg *1700

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