How does YourCloudPBX charge for calls?

When making calls on YourCloudPBX you will be charged depending on the type of call you make. All calls are charged per 30 seconds rating.

6113- Calls made to Australian 1300 numbers.

Directory- Calls made to the Australian directory service.

Emergency- Calls made to Australian emergency services.

Inbound- Calls that are made inbound to a local number on your account.

Inbound 6113- Calls that are made inbound to a 1300 number on your account.

Inbound 611800- Calls that are made inbound to a 1800 number on your account.

International- Calls made to an international number.

Local- Calls that are made to a local number.

Mobile- Calls that are made to a mobile number.

National- Calls that are made to a national number.

Onnet- Calls that are made to a number on your YourCloudPBX account.

TollFree- Calls that are made to an 1800 number.


Other Service Types on your bill

BillingRecord- Recurring or one-off charge(s) to your account.

CallingPlan- The charge of your plan to your account

Channel- The charge(s) to the channels to your account.

Manual- On-off manual charge(s) to your account.

Number- The charge(s) to the numbers to your account.

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