Remote Call Back

When you are out of the office and want to make a call to someone who’s number is within your account, simply call the YourCloudPBX number from any phone. When you hear ringing, hang up and you will be called back – so you can make a call from your YourCloudPBX account. YourCloudPBX Call Back is free on all YourCloudPBX accounts. Calls made to non YourCloudPBX account numbers are charged as outbound calls.

Quick Guide

Step 1: Setting up Remote Call Back

  1. Log into YourCloudPBX > select number you wish to set up remote call back on.
  2. Select CloudPBX > Advance > Remote Call Back
  3. Click enable remote call back
  4. Choose remote call back service option
  5. Select a PIN number if needed. NOTE: PIN numbers are needed if you choose to call back all numbers

Step 2: Using Remote Call Back

  1. Call your YourCloudPBX number from a phone number chosen.
  2. Hang up when you hear ringing.
  3. YourCloudPBX will call you back.
  4. Answer the call and then make calls as usual.

NOTE: Off-net calls to call back remote numbers are charged as outbound calls.

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